above ground pools

No feeling is better than kicking back after work and floating around in your backyard – without having to drive to the community pool or beach. Most people, however, do not have the financial and space requirements for building an in-ground pool. This is where above ground pools come into play.
More often than not, above ground pools are dismissed as weak in-ground pool spinoffs. To clear the air, they offer just as much as in-ground pools and unless you are training for something, they work just as well.

These pools have significant advantages over in-ground pools that range from portability to value and everything in between. Apart from these, as there are many models and brands, each has unique benefits that are well discussed in the reviews of the top 10 above ground pools below.

1. Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set [B00OX5B8CW]

This well-designed pool comes as a complete kit and is very easy to install, requiring no additional tools. It is tough and sturdy, featuring laminated PVC walls making it very durable.
Despite its low price point, it has a couple of features found in more expensive option. One such feature is the ground fall circuit interrupter. If the current user is exposed to water, it shuts the unit off.
You will love that it features a convenient drain plug, which you can connect to a garden hose to simplify drainage. It can hold up to eight adults.

2. Intex 15ft X 48in Metal frame pool [B073FMYZ3T]

This pool comes in a convenient package that includes a ladder, filtered water pump, debris cover, and ground cloth. Also included is a DVD manual that explains how to set up, maintain, and how to drain it when you are done for the season.
It has a triple laminated sidewall reinforced with a strong band to make it sturdy even when filled.
The best part about it is the dual suction system that moves water around the pool. This prevents bacteria from forming so you can swim over and over without draining and cleaning it.

3. Embassy 4-3418 PARA100 Above Ground Swimming Pool [B009RLVX3Q]

The PARA100 measures 18ft by 52in. It is designed using enamel steel and reinforced with a 9-inch wrap to assist in securing the liner. Its corrugated wall makes the pool not only flexible but increases its overall strength.
Included in its package is a pool vacuum and a ladder with rails to help you get into the water. It is fitted with an HD liner to keep the ground off sharp objects. What’s more, it remains clean for swimming thanks to its PR omega pump and 17-inch sand filter.

4. Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set [B00PHWXJS6]

If you are looking for a rectangular above-ground pool, this is the best. It has the highest quality sidewall support systems made of a powder-coated steel frame connected to the top of the pool. Combined with PVC sidewalls, the sides are well encased and won’t bend nor flex in any way.
The package includes a ladder, debris cover, ground cover, and a deluxe maintenance kit. It also includes a DVD to aid in installation and maintenance and a volleyball kit.
It has a high capacity (14, 364 gallons) that take about 90 minutes to fill.

5. Coleman 22 x 52 above ground pool. [B01FUPDQTG]

With a depth of 52 inches, this is among the deepest above ground pools in this list.
The package includes a cover, a ladder, and a 2500-gallon pump. It is not only durable but also sturdy and simple to assemble. Despite is long life, the ladder included is not very durable. It is not coated so it catches rust after using it for a while.
As it is somewhat bigger than most, it may not be ideal for small backyards. It is perfect if you have a large family.

6. iPool D Set [B0015DU416]

This is one of the sturdiest pools available in the market. It is made of a galvanized steel frame coated with zinc, and five-layered polyester coated in vinyl.
The package contains a 2500-gallon filter pump and a 5.5 kW heater. The best part about it is that it allows you to do the intense cardio workout in it. It features a one-of-a-kind dual tether system that allows you resistance swimming. You can change the resistance by turning on a knob.
The customer service is great and very responsive.

7. Wilbar Meadows Reprieve Above-Ground Swimming Pool [B01DFCZUUO]

This unique above ground pool by Wilbar International features a 52-inch steel wall instead of the conventional vinyl siding. Putting this together with its 6-inch top rails, steel bottom tracks, and 5-inch steel uprights, you get an almost indestructible pool. The company is so confident in its design that they offer a 10-year warranty on it.
It falls on the larger side of above ground pools with 24inches in diameter. It has a pattern of seashells and pebbles at the bottom that makes it look like you are in an ocean or lake.
Its insides are soft as its liner is made of 100% virgin vinyl.

8. Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print Pool Set [B06Y4467K4]

Thanks to the sturdy metal frame on this pool, it can withstand years of abuse without wear or tear. It is of medium size, with a diameter of 16 feet, so it can fit in most backyards.
The package includes a 1500-gallon filter pump, ladder, pool cover, ground cloth, and a deluxe maintenance kit. It keeps the water clean even after days of aggressive use.
It is very simple to set up, requiring only removal of the outer shell, and adding 5246 gallons of water.

9. Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set [B073FKF9B5]

Like all Intex pools, this has a very strong frame made of steel coated in powder. For this reason, it can withstand dings, dents, and rust.
Its package consists of a water pump, a ground cloth, ladder, debris cover, and a DVD to assist in setup and maintenance. The pump is transparent so you can see when it needs to be cleaned or replaced.
It’s grey in color to allow the water to heat up a bit. It features a dual suction outlet to keep the water moving and prevent bacteria formation.

10. Bestway 9’10” x 6’6″ x 33″ Pool [B01N143YUF]

This small-sized pool is ideal for small families. Its design features a polyester mesh core and reinforced with the 3-ply material. It has an oval shape and is very sturdy, thanks to its steel frame.
Setting it up is not as simple as one would wish, taking a couple of hours. Its instructions may not be very clear for first-timers. This pool can hold up to 1000 gallons and comes with a 330 GPH pump relative to its size.
As it is somewhat shallow, it doesn’t come with a ladder. Its compact size makes it ideal for kids.


Above-ground pools are the most convenient way of making your backyard the ideal place for kids. This can be your perfect family activity during the summer – with great health benefits!

Like all other products, these pools have their pros and cons. Assuming you have read this guide to the letter, you now know the best above-ground pools.
Sizing these up against your expectations and needs will point you to the ideal one for you.